Best Money Tips: Secrets to Saving at the Super Market


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some amazing articles on secrets to saving at the super market, affordable beach weddings, and things you should check before buying a used car.

Top 5 Articles

10 Secrets to Saving at the Super Market — Downloading store apps and learning how to recognize the best sales can help you save at the super market. [Kiplinger]

12 Tips for an Easy and Affordable Beach Wedding — To save on a beach wedding, keep it intimate and provide practical favors. [POPSUGAR Smart Living]

6 Things You Should Check Before Buying a Used Car, But Don't — Before you buy a used car, look into maintenance costs and insurance premiums. [Money Talks News]

8 Easy Steps to Find a Good Doctor — If you're trying to find a good doctor, ask your friends on your social networks for their recommendations and make appointments with doctors to see what they're like in person. [Mom Junction]

What Seniors (and Their Caregivers) Need to Know About Identity Theft — Seniors should get a secured, locked mailbox to protect themselves from identity theft. [Credit Sesame]

Other Essential Reading

Q&A: When to Start Taking Social Security — When it comes to taking survivors benefits, it may be better to start them sooner as opposed to later. [Ask Liz Weston]

Save Time and Money in 5 Minutes With This Gmail Feature — Are you using the filter messages feature in your Gmail account? [Stapler Confessions]

Mobile Finance Apps Have Reduced My Spending… And I Don't Even Use Them — Even if you aren't using finance apps, simply installing them on your phone can guilt you into spending more wisely. [Bargaineering]

Half of College Grads Rely on Family: But Should They? — Do you think college grads should lean on their family for help after graduation? [Bargain Babe]

9 Tips to Become a More Attentive Parent — If you want to be a more attentive parent, work while your kids are in bed and ban smartphones during family time. [Parenting Squad]

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