Best Money Tips: Self-Promote for More Success

By Linsey Knerl on 19 April 2010 5 comments
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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we share tips for promoting yourself, how to make a nifty soil enricher from egg shells, and why you may spend more when you eat at a loud restaurant!

Top 5 Articles

How to Self-Promote for More Success — Got your elevator pitch ready? If not, you could be missing out on big bucks! Saving Advice

Extra Insurance Coverage Through Credit Cards: Use Those Perks — Why purchase extended warranty coverage from the retailer, when your credit card may offer it for free? The Digerati Life

Make Your Own Soil Amendment with Egg Shells — What a cool way to use up eggshells! Frugal Frolic

Day Old Bread Gets a Makeover (or Four) — There is more than one way to use up stale bread. Any one of these tips would be welcome in my home! Mom Advice

Loud Restaurants Make You Eat and Drink More — Here’s an interesting theory: the more crazy an establishment’s atmosphere is, the drunker you may become (and the more money you will spend). Do you agree? The Daily Beast via The Consumerist

Other Essential Reading

3 Ways to Cut the Costs of a Job Hunt with a Little Online Ingenuity — Whoa! Hiring a virtual assistant to help you fill out all those apps may never have occurred to you. The investment, however, may ultimately help you cut big costs.Budgets Are Sexy

Leftover Recipes Become the Cook’s Best Friend — A little ham and Risotto makes a mean Primavera — and it uses up stuff from last night’s supper! Grit

Heat Water First for Better Microwave Popcorn — This, I did not know! Cool tip for those who find that their popcorn often becomes dry or scorched. PopWeaver via LifeHacker

How to Avoid Debt Relief Scams — You see the ads all the time claiming to help you wipe out debt for little or no money or commitment on your part. What’s the catch? Read on for the details. Moolanomy

Birthday Registries for Kids: What Would Miss Manners Say? This new trend is slightly disturbing for many (and costly for just about everyone). What say you? Parenting Squad

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Will Chen's picture

Love the Consumerist article. Just another reason to hate eating out at crappy chain restaurans.

Guest's picture

With day old bread, you can also make bread pudding and 'pain perdu' (the real 'French Toast').

Loud restaurants according to study actually make people drink more not eat more

Serge the Concierge

'The French Guy from New Jersey'




Guest's picture

Great reads...make sure to take a look at the debt relief scams.  I see so many of these popping up.  With such a difficult economy, so many folks are hurting and unfortunately people are looking to take advantage of them.

Guest's picture

That popcorn tip is pretty darn good.  I'm going to try that tonight when hubby and I curl up on the couch for netflix night.  Thanks!

Guest's picture

Those debt relief scams will get you every time! Beware!

Also, checking any insurance your credit card may provide is a great idead.  One that is overlooked by so many.