Best Money Tips: September Deals for Families

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on the best deals for families this September, frugal Halloween projects, and willpower tips to help you achieve anything.

Top 5 Articles

September Shopping Guide: The Best Deals for Families — With summer at an end, bikes and other outdoor toys are going to be on sale. [Parenting Squad]

7 Frugal Halloween Projects — Get in the Halloween spirit and deck your walls with sparkly spider webs! [The Centsible Life]

Achieve Anything With These 8 Powerful Willpower Tips — Make it inconvenient to give in to your temptations. For example, schedule a session with a personal trainer or leave your credit cards at home. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Here's why industrial food is deceivingly cheap — We're actually paying more for cheap food thanks to the hidden costs to the natural environment and human health. [The Monitor]

7 Surprises In Life That Require An Emergency Fund — You'll want to shore up your emergency fund in case you need to do some unexpected travel or your work forces you to relocate. [Cash The Checks]

Other Essential Reading

5 Questions To Ask Before Loaning Your Kids Money — Your child should have a plan for how they will spend the funds. [Money Smart Guides]

3 Dying Professions to Avoid — The travel agent profession has been in decline for the last decade. Put your planning skills to work as an event planner instead. [Kiplinger]

How to Turn Your Bad Credit Around — Don't expect prepaid credit cards to help you rebuild your credit. They don't typically report your information to credit bureaus, and many have hidden fees. [Thousandaire]

Why You Should Never Have Just One Savings Account — Having multiple savings accounts allows you to easily prioritize your goals and track your progress for each. [ReadyForZero]

How Do You Know When You’re Ready To Buy A Home? — Your home is a long term investment. If you don't see yourself staying in this house for at least 5 years, then you likely aren't ready to buy. [Money Under 30]

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