Best Money Tips: September Is the Best Time to Buy These Things

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on the best things to buy in September, habits of effective savers, and tips for the budget-conscious traveler.

Top 5 Articles

September is the perfect time to buy these nine things — Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer, which means stores will be clearing out their summer inventories. [The Monitor]

Nine Habits of Effective Savers — Effective savers don't buy things when the desire to spend comes from an emotional trigger. [Free Money Wisdom]

Tips For The Budget Conscious Traveler — The best time to book a domestic flight is around 45 to 29 days before departure. [Frugal Buzz]

8 Sneaky Retail Traps (& how to avoid them) — Limited-time deals create a false sense of urgency. There will always be another sale or deal, and products will be restocked. Buy only when you're ready to! [Living Well Spending Less]

How to Prepare For a Best Friend Brunch in Less Than an Hour — Use muffin tins to make mini egg muffins instead of full-sized omelets. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Other Essential Reading

Back-to-School Lunch Budgeting Tips & Tricks — Don't try to make a gourmet meal — remember, you're packing lunches for kids. Basics like fruits and vegetables are nutritious and inexpensive. [Bargain Briana]

Unsuspecting Items That Are Red Flags in A House for Sale — Large cracks and doors that don't close well may be signs of a foundation problem. [SheBudgets]

Three Crucial Money Conversations Parents Need To Have Before College — Parents should review the family's health insurance coverage with their children before they go away to college. [Money Q&A]

6 Ways To Make Extra Money On Amazon — You can earn discounts on products in exchange for leaving reviews on Amazon. [Cash The Checks]

How to Cut Back on Your Kid's Activities This Year — Be picky about the activities your child is involved in. Make sure they benefit from it and actually enjoy doing it. [Parenting Squad]

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