Best Money Tips: Share With Your Neighbors


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on communal items to share with your neighbors, tips to legally pay less tax, and how to avoid buying a "lemon" product.

Top 5 Articles

Helping Good Neighbors - 10 Communal Items to Share and Save Money — Save money by sharing tools and gardening equipment with your neighbors. [My Two Dollars]

7 Tips to Legally Pay Less Tax — Pay less tax by claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit. [Cash Money Life]

How to Avoid Buying A "Lemon" Product — Avoid purchasing a "lemon" product by seeing if the firm you are buying from is licensed. [Investopedia]

10 Ways To Make Money Writing Online — Make money online by searching for writing jobs on Craigslist. [Christian PF]

4 Questions Before You Donate Money to a Charity Organization — Before you donate to charity, be sure to find out where your money will go. [Finance for a Freelance Life]

Other Essential Reading

8 Ways to Help Your Kids Get Enough Sleep — Help your kids get a good night sleep by not allowing late night snacking. [Parenting Squad]

Student Tips for Online Classes — If you are a student taking online classes, be sure to utilize your school email for your courses. [Money Smart Life]

Kids Clothes on a Dime — Save money on kids clothing by shopping for clothing off-season. [The Sun's Financial Diary]

Six Questions To Ask Yourself Before Pursuing A Business Idea — Before pursuing your next business idea, ask yourself if now is really the time to pursue your idea. [Ready To Be Rich]

6 Tips For Recoloring Nics, Scratches, & Discoloration On Furniture — Use felt-tip pens to touch up scratches and nics on your furniture. [Re-Nest]

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