Best Money Tips: Signs You May Be a Shopaholic


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on signs you may be a shopaholic, making your life easier by snapping a photo, and planning for worst-case scenarios.

Top 5 Articles

Signs You May Be A Shopaholic And 6 Things You Can Do To Change It — To stop being a shopaholic, cancel your credit cards. [Generation X Finance]

Make Your Life Easier Just by Snapping a Photo — Are you afraid you are going to forget where you parked? Take a picture so you can remember! [PopSugar Smart Living]

How to plan for a worst-case scenario — Weather a financial storm by tapping into your network and developing an income-producing side hobby. [Get Rich Slowly]

Biggest Challenges to Retirement, Part 1 — Social security and taxes are a couple of the biggest challenges to retirement. [Free Money Finance]

How to Use a Penny to Travel the World — If you want to travel the world, start with just a single penny in your travel fund. [Careful Cents]

Other Essential Reading

Are You Asking for an IRS Audit? — You may be asking for an IRS audit if you regularly claim business losses. []

5 Things You Should Have Together Before You Ask for a Raise — Before you ask for a raise, create a money saved sheet. [Three Thrifty Guys]

The Minimalist Guide To Car Detailing: Leave The Pros Out of It — When detailing your car on your own, use a non-acid based cleaner on the wheels. [Wealthy Turtle]

Small Business: Passion Matters — Sometimes in business, love matters more than pedigree. [Five Cent Nickel]

6 Tips to a Happy Life With Your New Pet — Being pro-active with pet care can help you live a happy life with your new pet. [Parenting Squad]

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Great post Ashley. I definitely had a problem with shopping (and spending) in the past. I would find any reason to spend time shopping and spend money. But today I am happy to say that I am a reformed shopper and now my biggest weekly shopping expense is at the grocery store. I am going to share this post next Friday on the Dinks Finance weekly roundup. Have a great weekend.

Ashley Jacobs's picture

Thanks Tahnya!

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