Best Money Tips: Simple Life Hacks That Can Save You $100


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on life hacks that save you $100 each, DIY cleaning products that cost only pennies, and fast food deals that can stretch to multiple meals.

Top 5 Articles

14 Simple Life Hacks That Have Each Saved Me $100 (or More) — Shop for holiday goodies two days after the holidays and use them the following year. [The Simple Dollar]

Make These 69 DIY Cleaning Products for Pennies — Repurpose deodorant or lip gloss containers for a homemade stain stick that you can take wherever you go. [PopSugar Smart Living}

Funny Money: Fast Food Deals That Will Stretch Multiple Meals (If You Can Stomach Eating It… Again!) — It'll take you days to get through El Pollo Loco's 16-piece family meal. Not bad for $30! [Money Under 30]

How and Where to Get Free Stuff — "Like" the Facebook pages of companies whose products you like, and you'll be among the first to know when they have special offers or sample giveaways. [Kylie Ofiu]

How to Get Rid of Energy Vampires — Get a smart shower head that will sense when the water is hot and stops the flow until you're ready to get in. [The Centsible Life]

Other Essential Reading

10 Survival Money Rules for Freelancers — Always be on the lookout for the next gig or opportunity — you can't afford not to! [The Money Principle]

50 Computer Based Business Ideas for Work From Home Enthusiasts — You can do billing and invoicing for businesses — just install the software! [Money Pantry]

3 Ways to Protect Your Finances from Being Too Dependent on Technology — Back up your financial information on the Internet, but make sure to use online storage systems that offer higher levels of protection. [Money Ning]

How to Save Money and Avoid Birthday Party Drama — Stock up on age-appropriate gifts when they go on sale so you don't end up scrambling (and paying top dollar) when an invitation arrives. [Bargaineering]

5 Easy Non-Sandwich Lunchbox Ideas — Mini quiches make an easy and healthy lunch for your kids! [Parenting Squad]

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