Best Money Tips: Slay Your Financial Fears


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on simple ways to slay your financial fears, whether it's cheaper to buy or stream music, and airline fees worth paying for.

Top 5 Articles

5 Simple Steps to Slay Your Financial Fears — To slay your financial fears, know the difference between good debt and bad debt. [Money Talks News]

Buying vs. Streaming Music: Which Is Cheaper? — If you buy more than one album a month, streaming music is cheaper than buying it. [Bargaineering]

6 Airline Fees Worth the Money — It may come as a surprise, but it is worth it to pay for more leg room on your next flight. [FareCompare]

Kiplinger's Economic Outlook for 2014: 2.6% GDP Growth — Consumers should expect to see hiring pick up speed in 2014. [Kiplinger]

Personal finance tips to make your money go further — Make your money go further by remembering that you always pay for convenience. [Budget and the Beach]

Other Essential Reading

Is Debt Hazardous to Your Health? — Being in debt can make your blood pressure higher than people who aren't in debt. [Credit Sesame]

The frugal heating pad — Have you ever used rice to make a frugal heating pad before? [Surviving and Thriving]

Financials of Real Estate Investment #1 — When investing in real estate, be prepared to pay for repairs. [Free Money Finance]

Clean Your Car With the Help of a Coffee Filter — Did you know coffee filters can help you clean your car? [PopSugar Smart Living]

Trendy Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Family — Consider having your family dress as The Royal Family this Halloween. [Parenting Squad]

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