Best Money Tips: Small Changes for a Happier You

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on small changes that will make you happier, challenges your budget will face this fall, and a few rules for bringing less stuff into your home.

Top 5 Articles

Little Changes That Will Make You a Happier Person — Give yourself something to look forward to on Friday nights, and it doesn't have to be a social event! You can take a bubble bath, make a dish that you crave, and other activities that you enjoy. [PopSugar Smart Living]

9 Challenges Your Budget Will Face this Fall — Home décor is a great way to get into the spirit of the season, but don't blow your budget on fall trappings. Instead, make DIY projects that use materials you already have. [Saving Thousands]

5 Rules for Bringing Less Stuff Into Your Home — When you see something you want, wait 24 hours before you make the purchase. Having the time to think can help you realize that you don't want it all that much, after all! [Parenting Squad]

11 Pet Care Tips for Cold Weather — If your pet stays outdoors most of the time, give them 10-15% more food to help them keep warm while it's cold out. [Don't Pay Full]

Simplify the Car-Buying Process With These 4 Tips — Don't let the dealership's salesperson pressure you into buying a car on your first trip. Think about it overnight; the perks they offered you will still be there tomorrow. [One Smart Dollar]

Other Essential Reading

Money mistakes to avoid in your 40s — It's a good thing to have an emergency fund; it's a better thing to revisit your fund to make sure there's enough to cover your current needs. [Get Rich Slowly]

5 Ways to Control Your Spending Urges — Use the financial equivalent of a swear jar. When you spend carelessly, put your fun money into a jar as punishment. [Dinks Finance]

5 Ways to Make Quick Cash (That Won’t Get You Arrested) — Go to schools, businesses and other places that might have a lot of aluminum cans and scrap metal. Collect the recyclables and turn them in for cash! [Modest Money]

How to Improve Your Budget and Make it Work For You — When building up your savings, make sure you set away funds for future inevitables, like a replacement car, furniture, and appliances. [Everything Finance]

How To Create Multi-Generational Financial Security — Here's one way to maximize your money when you (and your retired parents) need it. [Financial Samurai]

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