Best Money Tips: Smart Money Moves for College Freshmen


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on smart money moves for college freshmen, ways to save money on your next vacation, and how to stop wasting money.

Top 5 Articles

Going to College? 5 Smart Money Moves for College Freshmen — As a college student, make sure to start building your credit. [Free From Broke]

5 Tips for Saving Money - and Strife - On Your Next Vacation — Save money on your next vacation by going green when getting around. [Credit Sesame]

10 Ways to Stop Wasting Money — Stop wasting money by avoiding infomercial shopping. [My Two Dollars]

20 Simple Ways You Can Save on Energy — Save money on energy by changing all of your lightbulbs to energy efficient bulbs. [Savings Scoop]

Buying in Bulk for Singles and Small Families — When buying in bulk for singles or a small family, consider investing in a stand-alone freezer. [Fiscal Fizzle]

Other Essential Reading

The Top 51 Degrees Based on Job Prospects — If you are a college student looking for a degree that will land you a great paying job, consider getting a PhD in computer science. [The Best Degrees]

Summer Clean Out: What to Keep, Store, and Toss — As you do your summer clean out, be sure to hold onto anything that you use regularly. [Currency]

Summer Math Fun — Teach your kids math skills by cooking with them. [Parenting Squad]

Want an Airline Tax Refund? Be Patient — If you are waiting for an airline tax refund, be patient and gather the evidence you need to get a refund. [Kiplinger]

4 Simple Tips on How to Make Money Blogging — Make money blogging by using Google Adsense. []

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What a great collection of helpful articles. Thank you. I especially like "Ten Ways to Stop Wasting Money."