Best Money Tips: Smart, Simple Ways to Cut Your Electricity Bill

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found simple and smart ways to lower your electricity bill, the best exercise for weight control, and foods that will boost your energy.

Top 5 Articles

10 Simple and Smart Ways to Cut Your Electricity Bill — In order for your appliances to run efficiently, they need to be cleaned regularly. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Best Exercise for Weight Control May Be Cheap and Easy — New research found that walking for 30 minutes is the most effective exercise for controlling your weight. [Money Talks News]

18 Energy Boosting Foods (and 5 Foods to Avoid) — Dried figs help eliminate toxins from your body. They’re also high in sugar and a great energy booster. [Life Optimizer]

What makes a Kickstarter success story? — The most successful Kickstarter campaigns are simple to understand and interact with the users to keep interest high. [The Monitor]

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Leader? 15 Things To Think About Before You Step Up — To be a good leader, you need to trust without micro-managing, and create an atmosphere where you followers are allowed to fail without fear. [Terry St. Marie]

Other Essential Reading

Hate lines at the airport? 3 ways to beat them — TSA PreCheck, Global Entry, and CLEAR are programs that allow you to speed past airport security and customs lines. Whether they're worth the cost depends on where, how often and which airlines you fly. [CNN Money]

Extend your tax luck with these 13 year-end moves — Be careful about investing in a new mutual fund. If you buy before the distribution date, you'll be taxed for the payout. [Don't Mess With Taxes]

Smart Shopping: 3 Steps You MUST Follow When Buying A Far Away Item — Sometimes, you need to travel a long way to pick up a purchase. Before you grab your keys, though, call the retailer and make sure they actually have the item. Better yet, ask if they'll reserve it for you! [Clever Dude]

Buying A Car? Beware Of Car Salesmen…And Yourself — Car salespeople use an arsenal of strategies to keep your mood high and their profits higher. [Quizzle Wire]

How to Get Back to Work After Being a Stay-At-Home Mom — Find shortcuts for the things you need to do at home, and assign chores and other tasks to your kids and spouse! [Parenting Squad]

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