Best Money Tips: Smart Steps to Make Your Job Search More Productive

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on ways to make your job search more productive, what the TSA is doing to improve airport security, and how to save big on your next summer barbecue.

Top 5 Articles

How To Make Your Job Search More Productive — Carve out some time each day to develop professional skills and give your resume a boost. [Dumb Little Man]

Airport Security Is the WORST, So Here's What the TSA Is Doing to Fix It — The TSA is testing new automated security checkpoints at select airports in the United States in an effort to cut waiting times while still maintaining security. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Save big on backyard barbecues — Make your own sauces and rubs — they're easy to whip up and can be cheaper than the store-bought stuff. Start with a base of ketchup or vinegar and build on it. [The Monitor]

The Best Alternatives to Gluten that You’ve Never Heard Of — You can still enjoy pizza, pasta, and bread even after giving up gluten! [Biohacking Entrepreneur]

How to Increase the Property Value of Your Home — A new garage door will really make your home shine. It should open and close easily and have the latest safety features. [Frugal Village]

Other Essential Reading

7 Ways to Enjoy a Frugal Summer Staycation — Grab a map and explore a local nature trail. [Paul Veretto's Frugal Living Blog]

Cheap and Natural Methods to Control Pests in Your Garden — Ants hate cucumber peels! Set out a few where they have made their trails and they'll stay away from your plants. Bargain Babe]

Common Reasons Your Preapproval Results in A Denied Mortgage — Your debt-to-income ratio is very important when you're applying for a mortgage. Don't finance anything until after you close! [SheBudgets]

DIY Non-Toxic Fruit & Veggie Wash — This fruit and veggie wash will ensure that your family has healthy, clean snack options whenever they want. [Saving Dollars & Sense]

Ian Ziering Offers Helpful Tips for Overcoming Bedwetting — Actor Ian Ziering, as the father of a bed-wetting three-year-old (and a former bed-wetter himself), shares tips on how to help kids get a good night's sleep without being anxious about wetting the bed. [Parenting Squad]

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