Best Money Tips: Smart Ways to Save on Air Travel

By Amy Lu on 1 July 2015 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on smart ways to save on air travel, habits of a pro organizer, and items that are cheaper at the dollar store than at Walmart.

Top 5 Articles

12 Smart Ways to Save on Air Travel — You can save on tickets if you schedule a longer layover. Use this extra time to relax, get some work done, or check out your layover city! [Living Well Spending Less]

5 Lifesaving Habits of a Real-Life Professional Organizer — Dedicate about 10 minutes every night to tidying your desk and coffee table, folding throw blankets, starting the dishwasher — small clean-up tasks that will give you a fresh start the next morning. [PopSugar Smart Living]

28 Items Cheaper at the Dollar Store Than at Walmart — Dollar Tree is the place to go for cotton swabs, bandages, and hand sanitizer. [Cheapism]

5 Ways to Have 4th of July Fun at Home — Dress up the kids in red, white, and blue, and march around in their own mini-parade complete with waving flags or musical instruments. [Parenting Squad]

9 Easy Meal Prep Ideas to Save Time and Money — Smoothies are easy, delicious, and a great way to use up produce. Make it even easier by pre-portioning the ingredients into a small plastic bag. [Phroogal Blog]

Other Essential Reading

I Don’t Have Much Money – Can I Still Invest? — Betterment is a good option if you're completely new to investing, and you only need to commit to contributing $100 a month to get started. [Money Smart Life]

10 Simple Money Saving Tips — Like to dine out? Get a copy of your local Entertainment Book for 2-for-1 deals at restaurants in your area. [Canadian Finance Blog]

How to Avoid Home Buyer’s Remorse Before it’s Too Late — Make a list of must-haves before you start looking at houses. This list will likely change as you consider different properties, but it will help you prioritize your needs vs. wants. [MoneyNing]

How to beat the heat without hurting your budget — Install a fan in your attic to keep hot air from amassing and heating up your upper floors. [The Monitor]

How To Paleo On A Budget — Switching to a paleo diet? You can find a lot of good produce and other foods at a farmer's market, but the prices will likely be cheaper at a farm stand or ethnic market without sacrificing quality. [Listen Money Matters]

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