Best Money Tips: Smartphone Time Management Mistakes

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we give you ways that your smartphone can complicate your life, homemade face paint recipes for kids, tips to avoid teary eyes when cutting onions, and how to deal with awkward money situations.

Top 5 Articles

7 Time Management Mistakes You Are Making With Your Smartphone — If it seems like your phone is taking over your life, maybe it's because you've fallen into one (or more) of these smartphone pitfalls. Time Management Ninja

Safe And Easy Homemade Face Paint For Kids — For the white-skin dead look, apply cold cream to the face and pat on baby powder or cornstarch. Parenting Squad

Onions and Keeping the Tears Away — I love cooking with onions, but my eyes never fail to sting when I cut them. Here are four easy ways to fight the eye-watering onion. LifeSpy

Managing Awkward Financial Situations — Don't be pressured into spending over your budget. Here's what you should do for group gifts, holiday gifts, and dining out with friends. Financially Poor

3 Things To Help You Make The Most Of Every Day — Decide what your three most important tasks of the day will be, and focus on getting those done first. Dumb Little Man

Other Essential Reading

Got a Million-Dollar Goal? Ask Yourself Why — The question is simple enough, but really understanding your motivation to reach a goal can be difficult. Even so, it's the first step to success. Redeeming Riches via Currency

Experts Share Their Favorite First Gadgets — Do you remember the first gadget you fell in love with? Was it your Atari or NES? Your cell phone? My Life Scoop

Understanding Your W2 Employer-Employee Reporting Form For 2010 Taxes Filed in 2011 — Need help deciphering your W2? Here's a box-by-box breakdown of the form, plus other information you should know. Saving to Invest

How to Choose the Right Credit Card for Your Spending Style — Find out which credit card is right for you, whether you're an Everyday Spender, a Big-ticket Buyer, a Budget Watcher, or a Business Traveler. Money Under 30

5 Things You Don't Know About Car Insurance — What you don't know may cost you big time, so make sure you read up on your auto insurance policy. U.S. News & World Report

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