Best Money Tips: Stand Out! (And Avoid Layoffs)

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we share ways to stand out at your job, travel tips for those with health issues, green gift wrap ideas, and more!

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5 Ways to Avoid Layoffs by Standing Out — One way to make sure people remember your skills and accomplishments when they hear your name? Network. Darwin's Money via Currency

Holiday travel tips for travelers with health issues — Help others help you by keeping your health profile close and accessible. Practical Hacks

Eco-friendly gift wrap ideas — Cut and wash a potato-chip bag and use it to wrap presents, shiny side out. Yahoo!

10 Things NOT to Buy For Christmas — A new TV may seem like a good Christmas gift, but you might want to wait until January or February when retailers slash prices to make room for the newest models. Kiplinger

13 Tips for Sticking to Your New Year's Resolutions — Review your resolution every day to keep it fresh in your mind — and easier to stick to. The Happiness Project

Other Essential Reading

Frugal Creative Gift Ideas for Holiday Cards — If you still have a stack of last year's holiday cards, cut off the pretty side and turn it into a postcard. (As long as there's no writing on the reverse, of course.) Fire Finance

Five ways to make your hobbies pay — Who doesn't enjoy talking about what they love to do? Take it to the next level by starting a podcast. Mighty Bargain Hunter

What to Do With Your Christmas Bonus — What's at the top of your financial priorities? Repaying debt? Retirement funds? Whatever it is, that's where your bonus should go. Not Made of Money

6 Stupid Things Customers Do When They Have a Service Problem — You'll stand a better chance of getting what you want if you actually, you know, tell them what you want. MintLife

Safety First: 10 Tips for Picking the Best-Rated Car — Consider the car's weight. A heavier car is generally safer than a lighter one. DriveSteady

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