Best Money Tips: Stay Fit for Free


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on staying fit for free, how to save money, and ways to attend a business conference for free.

Top 5 Articles

How to Stay Fit For Free — To stay fit for free, park farther away from where you work and use the stairs instead of the elevator. [Stack The Chips]

Learn How to Save Money — Save money by trying public transportaiton or canceling your gym membership. [OnBetterTerms Blog]

8 Ways to Attend a Business Conference for Free — Attend a business conference for free by being a volunteer! [Careful Cents]

Tips for Impressing a Potential Employer During an Interview — Want to impress your interviewer when you interview for a job? Make sure you dress for success. [Cash Money Life]

5 Pieces of Banking Wisdom to Ignore — If the price isn't good for overdraft protection at your bank, don't take the advice of purchasing it! []

Other Essential Reading

4 Extra Costs When You Buy a New Construction Home — When you buy a new construction home, you will have to pay for window treatments. [Moolanomy]

The Best Tips for Automating Your Finances — To automate your finances, use financial software. [Not Made of Money]

14 Stuck-in-the-House Ideas From a 5-Year-Old — If you are stuck in the house, put together an obstacle course to burn off energy. [Parenting Squad]

Tax Updates And Benefits For Going Green — Do you produce your own energy at your house? Don't forget to take advantage of the residential energy efficient property credit. [SavvySugar]

8 Quirky Uses for Old Furniture — Consider using old microwave carts as nightstands. You can find them at garage sales or thrift stores! [Money Talks News]


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