Best Money Tips: Stay Healthy While Traveling

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on how to maintain healthy habits when traveling, how to ask for a raise, and steps to forming good financial habits.

Top 5 Articles

How To Maintain Healthy Habits When Traveling — Stay healthy when traveling by exercising on the road. [Dumb Little Man]

How to Ask for (and Get) a Raise in a Struggling Economy — To get a raise in this economy, gather evidence of your worth to show your boss. [PT Money]

Steps to Forming Good Financial Habits — Form good financial habits by setting up a savings plan. [Bucksome Boomer]

Retiring? Fun Jobs to Keep You Busy While Earning Extra Money — Consider making some extra money in retirement by providing consulting work. [Cash Money Life]

Financial Heat Wave: 5 Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer On A Budget — Save money and keep cool this summer by checking out a museum. [Bible Money Matters]

Other Essential Reading

Does Your Resume Need a Digital Image Upgrade? — Make sure the email address you put on your resume is professional. [Currency]

Tips For Capturing the Reading Bug and Keeping It Alive! — Help your kids love reading by talking about your favorite childhood books with them. [Parenting Squad]

Ditching Class: How Much Money Are You Throwing Away? — When you ditch class half the time, you are wasting over $800. [Credit Karma Blog]

4 Ways To Buy Organic Food Without Changing Your Budget — You can afford organic food if you buy on sale or with coupons. [Moneylicious Blog]

Three Quick Steps To Get Out of Debt — Get out of debt by trimming your expenses. [Fire Finance]


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