Best Money Tips: Stock Up on These Fall Pantry Staples

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on pantry items to stock up on this fall, signs you’re about to be fired, and an easy way to improve your exercise technique.

Top 5 Articles

10 Pantry Items To Stock Up On This Fall — Pumpkins, pears, and peppers pair really well with each other, and they're in delicious abundance in the fall. [Don't Pay Full]

21 Signs You're About to Be Fired — You know you're on shaky ground if you've received a pay cut or have been asked to take time off. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Record Yourself Exercising to Improve Your Technique and Form — Having a video of yourself exercising allows you to review your routine (ideally with a trainer) and see if you need to fix your form or technique. [Vitals]

Lesser-known first steps to buying a home — Don't just walk through the house; spend some time in the neighborhood and the city, too, to get a better feel for the area. [The Monitor]

5 Ways to Make Christmas Shopping Easier — Talk to family and friends about what kinds of gifts will be well-received and what kinds will be left in storage all year long. [Parenting Squad]

Other Essential Reading

10 Bad Financial Habits that Can Ruin Your Future — When you need insurance, you REALLY need it. Regularly review your insurance policies and make sure your coverage is at least adequate. [ReadyForZero]

How far are you willing to go to get out of debt? 10 steps to pay off debt — To successfully tackle debt, you need to know exactly what you're up against. Make a list of all your debt, including where it comes from, what is was for, interest rates, and repayments. [Aspiring Millionaire]

How to Find Luxury in a Financially Responsible Life — If you want to splurge, it has to be worth it. Save your luxury purchases to replace items that you use all the time. [The Simple Dollar]

3 Essential Steps to Recover After a Financial Screw Up — Everyone makes mistakes! Recovery starts from understanding where you went wrong. [Good Financial Cents]

6 Steps for Communicating Calmly When Someone Upsets You — Ask yourself why you need to communicate. Is it to resolve an issue and help everyone move on, or to point out that the other person is wrong? [Pick The Brain]

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