Best Money Tips: Stretch Your Dinner Dollars Further on Your Night Out


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on stretching your dinner dollars further on your night out, ways to network and get educated, and how to work a student discount.

Top 5 Articles

How to Stretch Your Dinner Dollars Further on Your Night Out — Make your money go further on your night out by using restaurant coupons. [The Jenny Pincher]

Fun and Easy Ways to Network and Get Educated — Volunteering for non-profit organizations is a fun and easy way to network. [Free Money Finance]

Learning how to work a student discount — If you are a college student, take advantage of house sharing and budget travel opportunities. [Get Rich Slowly]

Cheap Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter — To prepare your home for winter, add insulation. [MintLife Blog]

Companies Hiring For 2012 Christmas Season Jobs — Are you looking for some extra work this holiday season? Target and Kohl's are hiring! [Yes, I Am Cheap]

Other Essential Reading

Simple Solutions For Avoiding Four Common Fees — To avoid paying ATM fees when you can't find an ATM for your bank, buy a pack of gum from a convenience store and ask for cash back. [SavvySugar]

Frugal vs. Cheap — Frugal does not mean you own mostly junk. You can still own nice things and be frugal. [Mr. Money Mustache]

How to Pay Yourself First — Pay yourself first by making saving for retirement a priority. [Narrow Bridge Finance]

Do You Have Life Insurance for a Stay at Home Parent? — The value of what a stay at home parent does is worth having life insurance for them. [Cash Money Life]

When (and How) to Get Help for Your Struggling Student — If your student is spending longer than indicated on assignments, it may be time to get him or her help. [Parenting Squad]

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