Best Money Tips: Study Tips From a College Grad (of 10 Years)

Welcome to today's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we share study tips for students in all walks of life, creative uses for egg cartons, expert advice on buying jewelry, and more!

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Study Tips from a Guy Who's Been Outta College for a Decade — For anything that needs to be memorized — formulas, definitions, whatever — it helps to write it out on a blank sheet of paper, over and over and over…and over! Darwin's Finance

Unusual Uses for Egg Cartons — The small cups of an egg carton are great for keeping paints separate while you're painting or crafting, and the flat top works as a mixing palette. DIY Life

5 Tips for Buying Jewelry — Don't get hung up on brand names like Tiffany and Cartier. Sure, check out their styles, but also shop around at other stores that offer holiday discounts and sales. Money Talks News

Last Minute Gift Ideas: A Few Simple Tips — It's OK if a gift won't arrive in time without overnight shipping. Give the recipient a printout with an image of the item — it'll be something they can look forward to after Christmas Day. Not Made of Money

5 Tips to Lower Your Rent — Winter tends to be a slow season for landlords — and the best time for you to negotiate your lease. MainStreet

Other Essential Reading

3 Not-So-Obvious Pointers for Selling Your Car — First impressions are crucial, so get your car as sparkly clean as you can, inside and out. Generation X Finance via Currency

9 Ways to Avoid Overcharging Your Credit Card This Holiday Season — To get latest specials and promotions from your favorite retailers, sign up for email alerts — or connect with them through Facebook or Twitter. Credit Sesame

Filing Taxes When You are Unemployed — Job seekers may be eligible for deductions on a variety of expenses, including resume prep. Money Ning

Don't overload your resume — How do you fit 30 years' worth of experience on a resume? You don't. Cut the jobs that lasted less than a year, especially if they're not relevant to the job you're applying for. Fortune

The Do's and Don'ts of Charitable Giving — There are a lot of charity scams out there, so it may be a better idea to donate directly to the source (via their website) than through telemarketers, solicitors, and by snail mail. Money Strands

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