Best Money Tips: Summer Backyard Safety Tips

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on backyard safety tips for the summer, ways to get out of a rut, and strategies for standing out during the hiring process.

Top 5 Articles

Is Your Backyard Safe? 5 Summer Safety Tips to Consider — Careless grilling may cause burns or fires. Be sure to check your gas grill for hose leaks, blockages, and holes. [The Allstate Blog]

How To Get Out Of A Rut: 5 Ways To Move On — Don't do what makes you happy. Push yourself out of your comfort zone to learn what you really want. [Dumb Little Man]

10 Strategies for Standing Out During the Hiring Process — Prioritize applying to organizations where you already know someone who can vouch for you. [The Simple Dollar]

13 Secrets From a Travel Agency President That Will Change How You Travel — You can't really understand a city just by walking around. You'll enjoy it much better by getting a tour of the area from a local. [PopSugar Smart Living]

The Ultimate Guide to Free and Low-Cost Dental Care — Discount dental plans don't cover dental expenses, but they do get you a discount at participating dentists. [Don't Pay Full]

Other Essential Reading

How to Save for Retirement When You Make Under $50,000 — Take full advantage of employer match if it is offered! [SheBudgets]

Nest Cam IQ: a security camera that recognizes you — This new security camera with facial recognition technology can help protect your home, but it also raises some privacy concerns. [The Christian Science Monitor]

3 car buying tricks to ensure you get a good deal — Know what incentives and rebates the automakers are offering. The dealership may also have incentives of their own. [CNN Money]

7 Tricks You Still Fall For At The Grocery Store — Stores play slow music to get you to move slower. The more time you spend in the grocery store, the more you are likely to spend. [Your Smart Money Moves]

Hustle at Home: How to Start Working From Home — If you decide to go freelance, make sure you know where to look for more opportunities when dry spells hit. [Current on Currency]

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