Best Money Tips: Surprises in Your Health Savings Account

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we share the things to watch out for in your HSA, tried-and-true tips for shaving off a chunk of Apple computer prices, an easy recipe for homemade paint, and more!

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10 Surprises in Your Health Savings Account — With an HSA, you may need to sign up for automatic payroll deductions in order for the contributions to be tax-free. Money Smart Life via Currency

3 Tips to Taking a Bite Out of Apple Computer Prices — Find the best deal on the Apple product of your choice by checking tech sites for constantly-updated pricing guides. Money Talks News

All-Natural, Homemade Paint — You only need four ingredients to make your own interior paint: hydrated lime, water, pigment, and whole milk. DIY Life

How to Survive Holiday Office Parties — If you know you're going to party hard (well, as hard as one can at an office party), give yourself some time to recover and book the next day or half day off in advance. Frugal Zeitgeist

3 Ways to Dry Pinecones for Your Christmas Crafts — Before turning pinecones into ornaments or holiday decorations, you'll need to remove the sticky resin residue. You can air-dry them in a breathable container, or bake or microwave them. CasaSugar

Other Essential Reading

How to Answer Interview Questions With a Story — Use the S.O.N.A.R. method: situation, opportunity, next action, alternatives, results. Canadian Finance Blog

Hosting a Holiday Cookie Swap — A cookie swap is a fun and tasty way to celebrate the holiday season. While most of the eating will probably be done on-site, some guests will want to take the leftover cookies home. Make sure you have enough cellophane, plastic wrap, or aluminum foil to go around. Generation X Finance

50 Gift Ideas From the Dollar Store — Most dollar stores have a good variety of kids' toys, from toy cars to card games, to puzzles and stuffed animals — all for a dollar (or thereabouts) each. Squawkfox

"Holiday Stock" Your Pantry — Save yourself a few trips to the grocery store this winter by stocking up on your usual pantry goods as well as some seasonal necessities, like hot drinks and extra baking staples. The Sun's Financial Diary

8 Tips for Starting a Home-Based Business — When starting your home business, you should set up a business-like work environment in your home and set work parameters. Bplans

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