Best Money Tips: Surprising Things You Can Turn Into Cash

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on surprising things you can turn into cash, common foods you can easily grow in a small home, and how to save hundreds on your car loan.

Top 5 Articles

10 Surprising Things You Can Turn Into Cash — Turn over your wire hangers to your dry cleaners, and they may give you cash in exchange! [My Dollar Plan]

Common Foods You Can Easily Grow in Your Small Home — Mushrooms are great for apartments because they don't require sunlight to grow. Get the basics with a mushroom-growing kit! [PopSugar Smart Living]

6 Tricks to Save Hundreds On Your Car Loan — Making payments biweekly will reduce the amount of interest that you pay over the life of the loan. [Money Talks News]

Ordering From Etsy or Amazon? A Guide to Third-Party Sellers — Read through a seller's return policy before you make a purchase. Some sellers will accept returns, but others may not. [Kiplinger]

15 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home for Free — Cover the backs of your bookshelves with old wallpaper to make them pop! [Christian PF]

Other Essential Reading

How to Overcome Social Anxiety — Do power poses for two minutes — it'll make you feel more confident and less stressed. [Think Simple Now]

How to Find Local Deals and Rediscover Your Town — Check out the site BandsInTown to see which bands are performing in your area. [Couple Money]

7 Things You Must Do to Keep Your Child's Education Strong in the Summer — Provide your kids with opportunities to learn new skills over the summer. [Parenting Squad]

Keep it cool: how to save on air conditioning this summer — Clean your air filters at least once a month to keep your AC unit running efficiently. [The Monitor]

Here’s the skinny on reverse mortgages — Moving out — even if you're moving to a nursing home — means your reverse mortgage will need to be repaid. [Thousandaire]

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