Best Money Tips: Surprising Ways to Beat Stress


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on surprising ways to beat stress, bad habits you may have when you shop for clothes, and simple ways to be inspired.

Top 5 Articles

31 Little Known Ways to Beat Stress That Really Work — Consume more essential fatty acids — they produce hormones that help your body deal with stress. [Want2Discover]

9 Shopping Habits You Should Break by Age 30 — It's time to break those bad shopping habits. [LearnVest]

5 Simple Ways to Add Inspiration to Your Days — Schedule time with your loved ones. The human connection you make from a simple coffee date is often all you need to feel inspired. [CouponPal]

Christmas Gifts That Keep on Giving — If someone you love is just getting by, don't just give them more stuff for the holidays. Give them something they really need, like a gas gift card or pay-as-you-go minutes on their phone. [Get Rich Slowly]

How to Give When You Can’t Afford It — Consider giving your time — and don't limit it to volunteering. Calling an old friend, writing thank-you notes, and helping your niece with her homework counts, too! [Thousandaire]

Other Essential Reading

3 Rules of Thank-You-Letter Writing — Sending your post-interview thank-you letter through the mail may be more personal, but it will definitely take longer. Stay ahead of the competition and send your interviewer an email within 12 hours. [PopSugar Smart Living]

The Single Biggest Money Mistake People Make — People too often choose short term gains over long term goals. [The Simple Dollar]

6 Things You Need for Your Next Vacation — Carry local currency with you before you set out, in case you need to buy anything before you can find a place to exchange your money. You'll save on ATM fees, too! [Dinks Finance]

5 Ways to Save on Your Holiday Party — Instead of a sit-down dinner, set out finger foods, soups, or spreads. And make sure to keep the recipes simple! [NerdWallet]

5 Festive Holiday Drinks for Kids — Cranberry "Champagne" is the kids’ own version of bubbly — without the alcohol. [Parenting Squad]

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