Best Money Tips: Surprising Ways to Save on Groceries

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on surprising ways to save on groceries, money myths debunked by experts, and reminders that'll change how you think.

Top 5 Articles

12 Surprising Ways to Save on Groceries — Shop on Wednesdays. That's usually when grocers release their weekly circulars, so you'll get first dibs on sale items. [The Simple Dollar]

12 Money Myths Just Debunked by Experts — Investing in companies that make everyday products may not be the best idea. [Benzinga]

9 Good Reminders That Will Change the Way You Think — Remember that the best way to serve yourself and others is to give yourself what you need. Don't ignore your needs. [Marc and Angel Hack Life]

How to Get More Done When Working From Home — Create a space just for work. When you're in this space, you'll be less tempted to do non-work related tasks. [Everybody Loves Your Money]

5 Easy Thanksgiving Side Dishes — The best part about mashed sweet potatoes? You can pop them in the slow cooker and forget about them until it's time to eat! [Parenting Squad]

Other Essential Reading

79 Productive Things to Do in Front of the TV — You can do lots of crafty things with the TV running, like knit, paint, sketch, and sew! [PopSugar Smart Living]

The High Cost of Poor Health Care — With health care costs so high, it's important to try to stay as healthy as you can. Cooking at home makes a huge difference, and it's less expensive than dining out. [Listen Money Matters]

Take These Seven Steps and Watch Your Income Grow — Start by getting a good education (not necessarily a degree) and developing new skills. [The Money Principle]

Why That Black Friday Sale Might Not Be Such a Deal — There are usually better deals on TVs and fitness equipment in January than on Black Friday. [Money Under 30]

Save Money by Re-Purposing Your Outdoor Furniture for the Winter — If you have the room, you can move your outdoor furniture to indoor spaces. This will keep them out of the winter weather and you'll get more use out of them. [Clever Dude]

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