Best Money Tips: Surprising Ways to Use Coca-Cola

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on surprising uses for Coca-Cola, how to learn anything in 20 hours, and things that successful people never say.

Top 5 Articles

55 Uses for Coca-Cola You May Have Never Thought About — The citric acid in this soda makes it a great window cleaner. []

Learn Anything in 20 Hours — Break down the skill into small action steps and focus on the parts that will get you to what you want. [Sources of Insight]

5 Things Successful People NEVER Say — "I just don't have time" is a common excuse and one that successful people never use. You choose your priorities and make time for them. [Personal Finance Genius]

To rent or to buy? — It can make sense to lease a phone if you're with a major carrier and you like to get a new phone every year or so. [The Monitor]

Marriage & Money — Join Experian's #CreditChat on Wednesday, February 17 at 3 pm ET for a discussion on how to build a strong financial future with your spouse. [Experian]

Other Essential Reading

Get Off the Couch! 99 Free Things to Do Outside the Home — Gather some friends and spend an evening playing flashlight tag! [PopSugar Smart Living]

Car Modifications That Actually Save You Money — A set of easy rolling tires will increase your miles per gallon. [The Savvy Scot]

10 Money Saving Habits from Frugal Celebrities — Sarah Michelle Gellar doesn't equate price with quality. She loves to track down special offers! [Don't Pay Full]

Personal Finance Tips to Save Big Money Each Month — Make use of loyalty programs at department stores, supermarkets, and other retailers. [Money Rebound]

5 Ways to Foster Sisterly Love Between Your Daughters — Don't play favorites. Make sure you're not subconsciously doing or say anything to suggest that you love one child more than the other. [Parenting Squad]

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