Best Money Tips: Tactics to Get Free Food


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on tactics to get free food, how to take an inexpensive road trip, and tips for budgeting when you're broke.

Top 5 Articles

Advanced Money-Saving Tactics to Get Free Food — If you want to be super stingy and don't mind breaking the rules, save money on drinks by holding on to your fast food cups and using them for refills multiple times. [PT Money]

How to Take an Inexpensive Road Trip — To take an inexpensive road trip, take advantage of free attractions and festivals. [Generation X Finance]

Ten Tips for Budgeting When You're Broke — When you are broke, make sure to eliminate unnecessary expenses from your budget. [Step Away From The Mall]

7 Money Rules for Life — Always make sure to spend less than you earn! [Free Money Finance]

A College Guide to Eating Healthy — Eat healthy in college by opting for water and tea instead of calorie-heavy drinks like soda and juice. [Nerd Fitness]

Other Essential Reading

How to Get Your Tax Refund Faster — Get your tax refund faster by using e-file and direct deposit. [Bargaineering]

6 Tips to Establish, Manage and Eliminate Debt — Maintain good credit by paying off your obligations as agreed. [Girls Just Wanna Have Funds]

Quick "Cheats" That Can Buy You Time — To save time, sign up for automatic bill pay. [The Sun's Financial Diary]

7 Reasons Why Cursive Should Still Be Taught in Schools — Cursive is an important part of the curriculum because it helps students develop motor skills. [Parenting Squad]

Generic vs. Name Brand Drugs: Are They Both the Same? — Generic drugs are cheaper than name brand drugs because less money is spent on marketing and advertising. [SavvySugar]

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Guest's picture

Hi Ashley,

Just wanted to let you know that your link "Advanced Money-Saving Tactics to Get Free Food" is not really about saving money; it's about stealing. Even the author of the piece admits it: "So obviously I am just kidding with all of this money-saving advice. Everything I listed above is pure theft. Don’t steal things and call it saving money."

Everyone likes to save money, but this isn't the way to do it.

Ashley Jacobs's picture

Thanks for taking the time to read the whole article! I'm actually a bit surprised PT (the author) didn't mention the fact that you actually can get into Costco without a membership if you say you are going in to buy alcohol. You have to have a way to get past the card checkers at the door in order to get to the free food, so there's your go to excuse!

If anything the article is a satirical reality check on how stingy people can get when it comes to saving money. Not surprisingly there are people who implement some of those money-saving tactics. Sadly, some people end up resorting to these desperate measures in order to get by. Obviously Wise Bread does not endorse theft as a means of keeping food in your belly, but personally I found this article to be an eye-opening mix of comedy and reality that reminds people that there are lines when it comes to frugality and that those lines should not be crossed.

Guest's picture

If you are a Costco member, you can get free samples of food while you shop for bargaihs. Ditto, if you shop at Trader Joes.

Guest's picture

i've seen homeless people go to a food concourse and ask a few customers if they would share whatever the customer couldn't eat... in most cases the customer would give them part of the meal even before beginning to eat --- sometimes they even gave a buck or two. if you're down and out i can understand... as a lifestyle try a job first

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