Best Money Tips: Take Advantage of Happy Hour

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on taking advantage of happy hour, reasons to update your resume regularly, and improving your credit score.

Top 5 Articles

5 Tips to Help You Take Advantage of Happy Hour — When looking for a happy hour, look for a venue that offers live entertainment and 2 for 1 drink specials. [Generation X Finance]

4 Reasons to Update Your Resume Regularly — It is a good idea to update your resume regularly so you remember major projects. [Cash Money Life]

5 Tips For Improving Your Credit Score — To improve your credit score, reduce your balances. [Not Made Of Money]

How To Manage An Inheritance — If you receive an inheritance, make sure you have a tax plan. Make your inheritence tax efficient by contributing to a retirement account. [Forbes]

The 52 Best Money Saving Tips, Ideas #45 Through #41 — Save money on items by using smaller portions of products than recommended. [Free Money Finance]

Other Essential Reading

10 Ways to Shop Smart and Save Money Today — Shop smart and save money today by reading reviews on products and budgeting your money. [Savings Scoop]

5 Tactics For Relieving Work-Related Stress — Minimize your stress at work by cleaning off your desk and scheduling some "me" time. [SavvySugar]

8 Ways to Stay Cool this Summer on a Budget — Keep your electric bill lower this summer by running appliances at night and turning on your ceiling fans. [Mango Blog]

61 Ideas for Battling Summer Boredome — To battle summer boredom, enroll in a summer reading program or attend an outdoor concert. [Parenting Squad]

30 Practical Ways to Improve Yourself — Want to improve yourself? Excel at what you do and let go of your regrets. [Marc and Angel Hack Life]

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