Best Money Tips: Tax Day Freebies

By Linsey Knerl on 14 April 2010 1 comment
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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we give you some tax-time freebies to enjoy, the best and worst brands in vanilla ice cream, and two cool ways to keep your snack foods fresh!

Top 5 Articles

Tax Day Freebies — We love this list of goodies you can get tomorrow (April 15) for absolutely nothing! Kingdom First Mom

40 Earth Day Deals and Programs — Check out this list of the 40 best Earth Day deals and programs to save on things like books, DVDs, baby supplies, bags, entrance fees and a lot more. (Plus they are designed to be great for the planet!) Coupon Sherpa

The Best and Worst Vanilla Ice Cream Brands — Which brand do you think ranks higher: Ben & Jerry's or Whole Foods? Get the scoop here. Divine Caroline

The Top 5 Consumer Problems and How to Avoid Them — I’ll give you a hint: Identity theft is a big one! Find out what else made the list, and how you can be sure you won’t be a victim! Money Talks News

Keep Your Snack Foods Fresh — These two tips from a Lifehacker reader are pure fun (and one’s a bit genius, as well!) Lifehacker

Other Essential Reading

How to Prevent Home Fires — My most recent issue of Family Handyman magazine shares tips for keeping your home safe from fire hazards! See many of them here (along with ways to nip them in the bud!) Family Handyman

Should You Stop Eating Canned Foods? What’s the deal with the nutrition of these shelf-stored veggies and fruits? Are they worth the risks? Healthy Theory

Calculating Your Lifetime Income — Some of us are curious to see how much we may have earned in the course of our time here. (Others…not so much.) Get the easy details here. Get Rich Slowly

Your Coupons are Making You Poor — Yikes! This is a great read — even if you don’t agree. Get an interesting perspective before you clip. Frugal Dad

How to Verify a Personal Check — Many people still use checks, but how can you be sure they are as good as the paper they are printed on? With these tips! Bargaineering 

Thanks to Go Banking Rates for including us in the latest Festival of Frugality!

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Greg Go's picture
Greg Go

I love the Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream.  It tastes the purest, but that's probably because of the high fat natural ingredients. Plus those little Haagen-Dazs pints are expensive! Can't eat too many pints. Bad for the waistline and the wallet.