Best Money Tips: The Best Businesses to Start in 2017

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on the best businesses to start in 2017, tips for throwing a great New Year’s Eve party for cheap, and the things you need for winter hibernation.

Top 5 Articles

16 Best Businesses to Start in 2017 — Eco-commerce, like urban farms and green travel, is a growing field as more and more people aim to live sustainably. [SheBudgets]

10 Tips for Throwing a Great, Cheap New Year’s Eve Party — Skip the big meal. New Year's Eve parties tend to start later, anyway, so you can get away with having just easy appetizers and a few desserts at your shindig [Money Talks News]

Eight things you'll need to hibernate your way through winter — A pair of soft slippers and a good sherpa- or fleece-lined robe will keep you cozy all winter long. [The Monitor]

This Genius Packing-List System Makes Sure You Never Bring Too Much — This system will give you a packing list and an outfit planner, all in one! [PopSugar Smart Living]

Simple Ways to Set Realistic Financial Goals for 2017 — It's good to aim high when you set a goal, but this plan can actually backfire if try to do too much and end up failing at every step. Join Experian's #CreditChat tomorrow at 3 p.m. ET for a discussion on setting realistic financial goals for 2017. [Experian]

Other Essential Reading

7 Tax Forms That Can Accidentally Increase Your Tax Bill — Read up on the different kinds of 1099 forms to avoid paying more taxes than you need to. [Kiplinger]

3 Easy Ways to Save on Cleaning Supplies — Try out different cleaning methods that don't require costly supplies. For example, you can spray dirty windows with a little water or diluted rubbing alcohol and wipe it off with crumpled newspaper pages. [$5 Dinners]

5 Simple Formulas To Improve Your Finances — These simple math formulas will help you put things into perspective and give you a better sense of your money. [Clever Dude]

Got an Email Address? These 93+ Companies Will Give You Free Stuff — These freebies range from food and snacks to beauty supplies and even boat rides! [The Penny Hoarder]

How To Write a Thank You Card That Actually Says Thanks — Use this template to ensure that your thank you card conveys your appreciate and hits all the right notes. [Sid Savara]

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