Best Money Tips: The Cheap Eats Edition


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some of the best articles from around the web on ways to keep your food expenses low.

Top 5 Articles

98 Cheap and Easy Foods to Make Under 5 Bucks! — Did you know you can make breakfast burritos and French Onion soup for under $5? [And Then We Saved]

How to Afford Organic Food on a Budget — Afford organic food on a budget by planting a garden or joining a CSA. [Money Saving Mom]

10 Grocery Items With a Long Shelf Life — Vinegar can last indefinitely, while canned soda can last for about a year. [PopSugar Smart Living]

5 Ways to Save Money at Restaurants — Taking advantage of happy hour deals can help you save the next time you dine out. [US News & World Report]

Helping to Make One Grocery Trip Last Two Weeks — To make one grocery trip last two weeks, cook with squash and make pesto. [Frugal Confessions]

Other Essential Reading

Save Money at the Grocery Store — Planning out your meals for at least a week can help you save at the grocery store. [Cash The Checks]

What Should and Shouldn't I Microwave? — It's ok to microwave food in glass containers, but not aluminum foil. [Lifehacker]

Money-Saving Barbecue Menu Ideas — Gourmet hotdogs are a frugal and fun barbecue menu option. [Financial Highway]

5 Ways to Enjoy Eating Out Without Spending a Lot on Food — To dine out frugally, go for a picnic or attend a local Farmer's Market. [Canadian Finance Blog]

Top 10 Resources for Delicious and Nutritious Baby Food — and are a couple great places where you can find nutritious baby food. [Parenting Squad]

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