Best Money Tips: The Debt Movement Edition

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Welcome to today's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today marks the official launch of Jeff Rose's Debt Movement! The Debt Movement is a 90-day period where the personal finance blogging community with partner ReadyForZero will help people pay off $10 million in debt. $10,000 in debt scholarships are up for grabs during the debt movement, so don't miss your chance to win!

In honor of the movement, we wanted to share with you some of the best debt related articles we have published over the years!

6 Steps to Eliminating Your Debt Painlessly — One of the key steps you must take to eliminate your debt is to start with the highest interest debt you have to pay off first, then tackle other debts.

4 Places to Start Your Debt Management Crusade — When tackling your credit card debt, start small and consolidate.

How to Start Fighting Debt - Today — To start fighting debt today, you must pay more than your fixed minimum.

When to Use Savings to Pay Off Debt — Before you start using your savings to pay off debt, make sure you have a small emergency fund established.

What's the Best Way to Get out of Debt? — If you want to get out of debt, find the quickest, easiest way that costs you the least amount of money.

Debt-Free Living IS Attainable: If You Want It, You Can Have It — Surrounding yourself with inspiration can help you attain a debt-free life.

6 False Assumptions About Debt-Free Living — The assumption that if you are debt-free you will never have to make stressful financial decisions is completely false.

Get a Grip on Your Debt: How to Obtain a Clear, Concise Financial Snapshot — To get a grip on your debt, look at your overall financial situation as opposed to just your monthly situation.

Why Getting Out of Debt is Like Running a Marathon — Like a marathon, it's important to have support from your social network.

How to Erase Your Medical Debt — Look into getting medical financial aid if you are dealing with medical debt.

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