Best Money Tips: The Health and Beauty Edition

By Ashley Jacobs on 11 July 2014 1 comment

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some of the best articles from around the web on keeping your health and beauty costs low!

Top 5 Articles

13 Healthy and Cheap Beauty Replacements — Instead of purchasing blush, use just a small dab of lipstick to get some color on your cheeks. [Learnvest]

Money, Stress, and Your Health — Did you know that people who are stressed are four times as likely to get ulcers? [Get Rich Slowly]

Save Time & Money With These 7 Beauty Hacks — If you break your powder cosmetics, you can use rubbing alcohol to put them back together! [CouponPal]

How To Make Healthy Habits Stick… Tips From A Former Couch Potato — To make healthy habits stick, discover what truly motivates you to change and create new habits. [Frugal Beautiful]

11 Frugal Beauty Secrets Every Woman Must Know — Shampooing less frequently and eating foods that clean your teeth are a couple frugal beauty secrets every woman must know. [US News & World Report]

Other Essential Reading

DIY Beauty Products You Can Make at Home — Instead of purchasing deodorant, try using coconut oil instead. [SmartAsset Blog]

In-Store Health Care Savings — Did you know you can get tests for high cholesterol, hypertension, and more at pharmacy-based clinics? [Five Cent Nickel]

Keep Parents Healthy and Safe — To keep your aging parents health and safe, know about their insurance plan. [Three Thrifty Guys]

Easy and Budget-Friendly Homemade Lotion — There is no need for you to spend money on lotion with this awesome DIY! [POPSUGAR Smart Living]

3 Steps to Setting Health and Nutritional Goals as a Parent — When setting health and nutritional goals as a parent, make sure the goals are measurable. [Parenting Squad]

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As a former couch potato myself, I can relate to the tips in the guide from Frugal Beautiful ... great roundup!