Best Money Tips: The Money and Relationships Edition

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some of the best articles from around the web on money and relationships!

Top 5 Articles

Eight Biggest Money Mistakes Newlyweds Make — If you are a newlywed, don't make the mistake of harboring financial secrets. [PopSugar Smart Living]

How Can I Be Frugal When My Significant Other Isn't? — When your significant other isn't as frugal as you are, it is important to try to compromise and get creative on frugal entertainment options you can both enjoy. [Two Cents]

How to Get Your Finances in Order as a Couple — Planning your budget as a couple and discussing financial priorities are a couple things you should do with your partner to ensure financial success. [Ready for Zero Blog]

5 Red Flag Money Questions From Your Significant Other — It might be a red flag if your significant other asks if your parents pay any of your bills. [Credit Karma]

Relationships & Money: How Can They Work? — Couples need to respect each other's financial decisions, otherwise it's tough to make a relationship work. [Phroogal Blog]

Other Essential Reading

How to Avoid Fighting About Your Finances — Avoid fighting about your finances by keeping things in perspective and keeping the lines of communication open. [Make Love, Not Debt]

Love Is Not All You Need — Money Talks Before Marriage Talks — Before you start thinking about marriage, talk to your partner about financial goals and money issues. [MoMoneyMoHoues]

Should You Share Your Income in Your Online Dating Profile? — Money isn't always attractive, so you might want to leave it off your online dating profile. [The Good, the Bad, and the Money]

3 Common Conflicts in Marriage and How to Squash 'Em — Squash money problems in your marriage by taking time to meet with your partner weekly about money issues. [Parenting Squad]

Don't Co-Sign a Lease With Your Lover — There is a chance that if you co-sign a lease with a significant other, it could come back to bite you in the butt if you break up and they stop paying their half of the bills. [Gold Diggers and Deadbeat Dads]

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