Best Money Tips: The Olympics Edition

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we are highlighting some of the best personal finance articles that reference the Olympics!

Top Articles

The Cost of Raising an Olympian — Families of gymnasts can end up paying around $1,000 a month to keep their child competing at a high level. [Bible Money Matters]

Surprising Day Jobs of 12 Olympians — Did you know that triathalon competitor Gwen Jorgenson works as an accountant with Ernst & Young? [SavvySugar]

How much does it cost to go to the Olympics? — Do you want to go to the closing ceremony at the Olympics? Be prepared to pay $1,880 for a ticket! []

Personal Finance Olympics: How Getting Out of Debt is Like Training for the Olympics — Training for the Olympics and getting out of debt both require setting goals and perserverance. [The Jenny Pincher]

5 travel tips for a Summer Olympics trip — Save money if you go to the Olympics by finding accomodations outside of the city. []

Other Essential Reading

Going to the Olympics? Tips for Banking in London — If you have headed to London to see the Olympics, do not use travelers checks. Stick with credit cards instead. [Nerd Wallet]

How to Win the Gold Medal of Credit Card Management — The secret to winning at credit card management is training yourself on proper credit card usage as early on as possible. [Credit Karma]

12 Ways the Olympics Teach You About Money Management — One thing the Olympics can teach you about money management is the importance of international diversification. [My Dollar Plan]

Quick Takes - How Much Do Olympians Earn? — Did you know an Olympic gold medal is worth around $650? [Cash Money Life]

Gymnastics for the Non-Olympian — Have the Olympics caused your daughter to beg you to enroll her in gymnastics classes? Go ahead and enroll her! Gymnastics classes teach children not just fitness skills but social skills too! [Parenting Squad]

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Thanks for the include!

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Well another Olympics has come and gone and billions across the globe can get back to normal living without having to defy body clocks and going to work exhausted because they were up half the night watching.

Nice that you have put a nice little combo of articles together but the one that caught my eye was related to the price of raising an Olympian. Well of course, much of this depends on what country you live and the kind of facilities available.

It was noticeable that the UK fared rather well and I know of a young lad who was tipped to be a top triple jumper in the UK. Unfortunately, he endured some bouts of mental illness, schizophrenia, and it ended his potential career.

However, when things was going well for him he had a lot of support simply by joining an athletic club Birchfield Harriers in Birmingham, and he had every facility laid on for him including sporting rehabilitation from injury, the help of top coaches and some superb training facilities.

It was striking how much help he got and he was not from a wealthy family and I don’t think he had to pay out very much at all it was all there and I think it was government assisted. He is of an age now where if misfortune had not fallen on him he would be at his peak now.

Maybe this is why the UK had a great Olympics.