Best Money Tips: The Perfect Pie Crust


Welcome to Wise Bread’s Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we give you expert tips for making the “perfect” DIY pie crust, how to know if you need gap insurance, and whether an 850 credit score is even possible!

Top 5 Articles

The Perfect Pie Crust — This is a skill that everyone should master, but sadly, I’m still far off the mark. This tutorial may be my saving grace! My Wooden Spoon

What’s Gap Insurance? Those of you who are not familiar will love this simple article on how to keep from going upside down on your auto loan. It’s an oldie — but a goodie! Moolanomy

Is a Perfect Credit Score of 850 Even Possible? According to this article, maybe not. Good thing hitting an 800 is almost as good as the real thing. Marketplace via Consumerist

Make a Cereal Box Journal — I’ll agree that this project would be much cooler if you could see Tony the Tiger on the front, but either way, this idea rocks! The Long Thread via DIY Happy

Should I Stick with My Adjustable-Rate Mortgage? This is a great question! See what J.D. has to say, and if it may apply to you, too. Get Rich Slowly

Other Essential Reading

Check Your Junk Mail! Free $5 Walmart Gift Cards — Before you toss that ordinary-looking flyer, be sure you’re not throwing away a $5 gift card. Get all the details here. Money Saving Mom

Top Company Mailing Lists to be on For Free Stuff — I’ve signed up for almost all of these, and I can vouch for their goodness! Northern Cheapskate

Richest Counties in America — These stats that were released in 2009 are very surprising! See which places are worth their weight in real estate. Forbes via Bargaineering

3 Disadvantages of Ready-made Meals and TV Dinners — Besides the fact that I think the products are kind of gross, these convenience food points are well made. The Digerati Life

Are You Middle Class? If you really want to know, here are the “qualifications” compliments of a recent Yahoo article. Where do you stand? Free Money Finance

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