Best Money Tips: The Shopping Edition


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some of the best articles from around the web on all things shopping!

Top 5 Articles

10 Online-Shopping Traps That Catch Even Smart Shoppers — Don't shop from a public wi-fi network or click links in unsolicited emails when shopping online. [Kiplinger]

8 Things to Buy From Amazon — Books and magazines are great things to buy on Amazon. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Overcoming Overspending? Here’s How to Stop the Urge to Splurge — Identifying how you're feeling before you buy something and doing a little bit of math can help you put a stop to those regretful shopping splurges. [DailyWorth]

12 Ways to Save on Back-to-School Shopping — Save money on back-to-school shopping by shopping thrift and looking for coupons. [Money Talks News]

8 Reasons to Do All Your Shopping Online — Typically, you can get better prices and find items in stock online. [Bargaineering]

Other Essential Reading

10 Tips for Making the Most of Garage Sales — Are you a fan of shopping at garage sales? Get the most bang for your buck by bartering and being a wary buyer. [MoneyNing]

Tips for Saving Money When Shopping a Warehouse Club Store — To save money when shopping at warehouse club stores, pay with cash and shop on weekdays. [Free Money Finance]

Before You Buy in the Store, Check Online — Using aggregate sites can help you determine if you will get the best price online or in a local store. [Canadian Finance Blog]

5 Mistakes Online Shoppers Make — If you shop online, don't make the mistake of failing to search for promo codes or not checking return policies. [Credit Sesame]

Tips for Managing the Family Shopping Chore — When it's time to grocery shop for your family, make a list of what you need and only buy what's on your list. [Parenting Squad]

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