Best Money Tips: These Money Moves Are Always a Good Idea


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on money moves that are always a good idea, how to score the best deals on Amazon, and a simple trick to save over $1,000 before Christmas.

Top 5 Articles

Eight Money Moves that are Always a Good Idea — Take the time to create a monthly budget for your household. A budget can do a lot for your finances; at the very least, it's a smart way to keep track of your bills. [The Simple Dollar]

How To Score The Best Deals On Amazon — Shop Amazon's Outlet instead of the regular section to find discontinued or heavily marked down products. [Frugal Beautiful]

The Simple Trick to Save More Than $1,000 Before Christmas — This savings challenge will help you save over $1000 by the time Christmas rolls around. [SheBudgets]

25 Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hacks You Need to Know Before Going — If you don't want to carry the goodies you buy in the park, you can send your purchases from Honeydukes and other shops to the front of the park and pick them up at the end of the day. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Money-Saving Kitchen Tips — Invest in a good set of kitchen knives! A well-made knife set can last a lifetime. [Don't Pay Full]

Other Essential Reading

Four Ways to Simplify Taking Care of your Body — Do at least one calming activity each night to de-stress your body before bed. [Best Kept Self]

Tips for Taking Care of Your Pet This Summer — Your dog will need lots of water in hot weather. Check regularly to make sure the water bowl is filled, or get a dish that automatically refills when it's empty. [Bargain Briana]

11 DIY Solutions for Summer Skin Care on the Cheap — Create a mask with an egg, lemon juice, and a spoonful of yogurt. This concoction will visibly minimize pores!  [Cheapism]

Simple Ways to Make a Room Look Bigger — Hang curtain rods near the ceiling and allow your curtains to run down to the ground. This effect pulls the eyes upwards and makes the room feel larger. [A Few Short Cuts]

11 Outdoor Chores for Kids — Get your kids outside and productive by giving them a few chores to do in the yard or around the garden. [Parenting Squad]

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