Best Money Tips: Things You Can Do With Eggs — Besides Eat Them

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on things you can do with eggs besides eat them, space saving ideas for a small closet, and the best online subscriptions for buying books.

Top 5 Articles

8 Things to Do With Eggs — Besides Eat Them — Eggs are great for more than just eating. You can make candles out of them, clean dirty pots with them, and even use them to chase deer away. [PopSugar Smart Living]

8 Space Saving Ideas For A Small Wardrobe — You may need to adjust the hardware in your closet to get the most use out of the space. Consider moving the hanging rod up or down, or even adding another one if there's enough height in the closet. [Organise My House]

6 Best Online Subscriptions For Buying Books — Here's a breakdown of the best online subscriptions for ebooks and audiobooks that allow you to experience new books for really cheap…or free! [Money Under 30]

7 Easy Ways To Spring Clean Your Health — While you're spring cleaning your home, go through your meds and makeup and get rid of anything that is past its expiration date. [Dumb Little Man]

How do you declutter when you have trouble letting go of things? — Decluttering can be really hard when you're emotionally attached to your stuff. You'll need to change how you think about your possessions and your space, and maybe even shift your mindset on the decluttering process. [Abby Lawson]

Other Essential Reading

DIY Jewelry Organization Board — Display your favorite jewelry on this easy craft project. [Modern Parents Messy Kids]

In new move, Facebook publishes guidelines on inappropriate content — For the first time, Facebook has published detailed guidelines on what it does not allow on its service. [The Christian Science Monitor]

Where To Look For Extra Money — Want to pad out your budget? You may find extra money in these places. [The Frugal Farmer]

How to Buy Land for a Tiny House: 3 Big Tips + 12 Experts Weigh In — One big challenge in tiny living is where to put your tiny house. It's more difficult to find cost-effective, appropriately-sized land for tiny homes than it is for average-sized homes. [The Tiny Life]

How to remove rust using things from your garage only — This method allows you to remove rust from every nook and cranny. You just need a few items from your garage and to wait a few hours while the solution works its magic. [Early Retirement Extreme]

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