Best Money Tips: Things You Can Save for Retirement Besides Money


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found things you can save for retirement besides money, ways social media is making you poor, and changes to the homebuying process that you need to know about.

Top 5 Articles

3 Things to Save For Retirement Besides Money — If you plan to do some traveling after you retire, save up your airmiles, hotel rewards and points, and discounted gift cards to use in your golden years. [aboutLife]

Is Social Media Making You Poor? — With social media, it's easy to compare the life you lead to the seemingly perfect lives of the friends you follow. But remember, not everything is as it seems; most photos are carefully framed and edited, and what you see might not be the reality. [Creative Money]

House Hunting Again? 3 Need-to-Know Ways The Process Has Changed — There are new specialty mortgages that can help cover improvement costs if you buy a fixer-upper. [Forbes]

12 Things Major Retailers Have Released About Cyber Monday — Expect deep discounts at eBay — up to 90%! [PopSugar Smart Living]

Budgeting Your Thanksgiving Dinner — Once you have a menu, create a master ingredient list that includes everything you need for every recipe, with quantities. Then, check your pantry! [Inexpensively]

Other Essential Reading

Downsizing Your Living Quarters: The Trend Towards Smaller Homes — Tiny homes are easier to maintain, leave a smaller environmental footprint, and tend to be more budget-friendly. [The Frugal Toad]

Should You Keep All Of Your Money At One Bank? Probably Not —Reaching your financial goals become much easier when you make it more difficult to borrow money from yourself for things you don't really need. [Money Under 30]

5 Ways to Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger — Use a neutral palette for your walls with brighter focal points to make your home seem bigger. [The Allstate Blog]

How to Avoid Side Hustle Burnout — Don't let your side hustle take over your life. If you want to maintain a healthy work-life balance, be sure to set a time limit for work and separate your personal and professional spaces. [Side Hustle HQ]

5 Tips to Help Parents Prep for the Holiday Season Rush — Don't try to do everything by yourself. Ask your spouse and kids to pitch in! [Parenting Squad]

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