Best Money Tips: Things You Should Always Spend More On

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on things you should always spend more on, golden rules to save on every purchase, and what you should know about shopping at Aldi.

Top 5 Articles

5 Things You Should Always Spend More On — You can get by with inexpensive furniture from IKEA most of the time, but go ahead and splurge on the things you use frequently. A good chair for your home office will make your life much more comfortable. [MoneyNing]

15 Golden Rules to Save on Every Purchase — If it's not on your shopping list, don't drop it in your shopping cart! Having an ongoing list of planned purchases will help you avoid impulse buys. [Money Talks News]

10 Things You Need to Know About Shopping at Aldi — Aldi keeps a limited number of staff on the clock at any given time, as part of their low-price business model. This means that you'll have to bag your own groceries — in your own reusable bags if you don't want to pay for plastic shopping bags. [Kiplinger]

7 Things to Know When Traveling Alone in Your 20s — It's less hectic overall if you land during daylight. [PopSugar Smart Living]

The best times to book and set sail on a cruise — The best times to hop on a cruise to Alaska is in early May or September, when prices are lowest. [The Monitor]

Other Essential Reading

10 Smart Ways to Beat the Winter Blues — Is cold weather lingering in your area? Beat the winter blues with regular exercise. [Parenting Squad]

20 Ways to Spend Your FSA Dollars Before Time Runs Out — Prescription sunglasses, safety glasses, and goggles are FSA eligible right along with prescription glasses and contact lenses. [Bargain Babe]

How to Get More Use Out of Your Freezer — Did you know that you can freeze milk? Just leave some room on the top for expansion. [Living Well Spending Less]

9 ways to save on pet care costs — Ask your vet about discounts. Some offer lower rates to seniors or to households with multiple pets. [Bargaineering]

Add Pizzazz With Inexpensive Dinnerware From A Party Supply Store — Dinnerware can cost a bundle, even if you plan to use them again. Instead, check out your local party supply store for fancy plates to dress up your table. [Clever Dude]

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