Best Money Tips: Thrift Store Shopping Tips

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Wecome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on thrift store shopping tips, recession proofing your career, and getting awesome free stuff.

Top 5 Articles

Thrift Store Shopping Tips — Be sure to check out any thrift store items you might buy for holes or stains. [PT Money]

3 Ways to Get Ahead by Recession Proofing Your Career — To recession proof your career, cultivate your network. [Careful Cents]

Get Awesome Free Stuff — You can get awesome free stuff by checking in on Foursquare. [Narrow Bridge]

Is the Cost of Juicing Worth the Benefits? — It takes a lot of fruits and veggies to make enough juice. This ends up costing not only money but time as well. [MoneyNing]

21 Money Mistakes and Problems to Avoid — Don't make the money mistake of buying a house you can't afford. [Moolanomy]

Other Essential Reading

3 Ideas to Help Young Adults Improve Their Finances — Improve your finances by actively saving each month. []

How Much the Average Couple Spends on a Wedding — Did you know the average couple spends around $27,000 on a wedding? [Free Money Finance]

Holiday Layaway Policies for Major Retailers — Best Buy will have a 5% layaway fee this year. []

Email Etiquette: 3 Occasions to Use BCC — It is a good idea to use BCC when you want someone to know you sent an email out. [SavvySugar]

13 Incentives to Make Reading More Fun — To make reading more fun for your kids, set goals and give them rewards for completing goals. [Parenting Squad]

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