Best Money Tips: Times to Ignore Traditional Financial Advice

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on when you should ignore traditional financial advice, things you can’t return to Amazon, and hacks to help you stay focused at work.

Top 5 Articles

6 Times You Should Ignore Traditional Financial Advice — You don't normally want to borrow from your 401k, but there are a few situations where it might be a good idea. [Everything Finance]

11 Things You Can't Return to Amazon — Many shoppers do their holiday shopping at Amazon, where the return policy can be quite generous for most items. Some items, though, have much stricter policies or cannot be returned at all. [Kiplinger]

9 Crazy Hacks To Stay Focused At Work — Setting time limits to each task will help keep you from getting distracted. [Life Hacks Magazine]

4 Principles For Saving Smartly During The Holidays — Set a strict budget. Your loved ones won't know — and likely won't care — how much you spent on their gift. [Retired by 40]

5 Steps to Take in Your 30s to Plan for Retirement — Make sure you're investing in life insurance policies so that your dependents are more financially secure if something happens to you. [Money Mini Blog]

Other Essential Reading

Exercises to Develop Your Attention Muscles — Use curiosity to have your attention and your immediate experience come together. [Inspire Me Today]

The 4 Secret Motivation Killers that the Top 1% Know About — Open loops in your mind — things in your head that haven't been solved — sap your psychological energy. Make a habit of writing down all open loops each morning and get them done (or schedule a time to do so). [Pick The Brain]

Quick Tips To Help Organize Your Medication — If you need to keep track of many different medications, start a spreadsheet with important information like the name, dosage, frequency, and side-effects. It's also useful to show to medical professionals! [Get Organized Wizard]

4 Rules For Answering the Weakness Question — Be honest! Choose a weakness that you've really struggled with. Don't settle for a cop-out answer. [PopSugar Smart Living]

10 Budget-Friendly Ideas For An Amazing Winter Wedding — Winter tends to be a slow season for caterers…which means you'll be able to negotiate a lower price tag on the food for your wedding. [Don't Pay Full]

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