Best Money Tips: Tips for Cutting Back This Christmas


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on cutting back this Christmas, Black Friday myths debunked, and why your career is your most important investment.

Top 5 Articles

4 Tips for Cutting Back This Christmas — Make cutbacks this Christmas by opting to buy one large gift and one small gift for your kids. [MoneyNing]

5 Black Friday Myths Debunked — Don't believe the myth that Black Friday ads are accurate. Stores can adjust their prices according to other retailer's prices. [SavvySugar]

Why Your Career is Your Most Important Investment — Since your career is the foundation on which all your other investments will be made, it is your most important investment. [Cash Money Life]

4 Steps to Make Sure You Are Financially Protected from the Next Natural Disaster — Prepare yourself financially for the next natural disaster by making sure your insurance covers you for possible natural disasters. [Free From Broke]

Why You Need to Take Time to Understand Medical Bills — Take the time to understand your medical bills so you aren't overcharged. [Christian Personal Finance]

Other Essential Reading

Five places to find money for holiday gifts — Use your change jar to fund your holiday gift expenses. [Living On The Cheap]

What to Do When You Accidentally Let Your Life Insurance Policy Lapse — If you let your life insurance policy lapse, you must fill out an application for reinstatement. [PT Money]

How to Optimize Your Retirement Investing Priorities — Your number one priority in regards to retirement investing should be taking advantage of employer match contributions to your 401(k). [Consumerism Commentary]

Ten Job Interview Myths Debunked — It is a myth that an elaborate resume will impress potential employers. [The Wisdom Journal]

To Harness or Not to Harness? — If you want to encourage your child to explore, using a harness may not be the best way to do that. [Parenting Squad]

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I like the article on cutting back on Christmas gifts. The problem usually is doing it without looking like a spoil-sport -- You've given a great tip for achieving that: "Buy one big gift". I can see a lot of practical ways of doing that while saving a bunch.