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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on tips for eloping, pitfalls of Black Friday shopping, and how to make unemployment an opportunity.

Top 5 Articles

7 Tips for Eloping Around the World— If you are planning on eloping in a foriegn country, check the marriage laws in that country to find out how long you have to be in the country before you can get married. [SavvySugar]

5 Pitfalls Of Shopping On Black Friday — If you shop on Black Friday, there is a chance the items you want will end up being sold out. [Forbes]

How to Make Unemployment an Opportunity — Make unemployment an opportunity by re-evaluating your priorities. [Free From Broke]

10 Ways to Make Money on the side — To make money on the side, consider becoming a mystery shopper or writing website reviews. []

8 Secrets Your Broker Won't Tell You (and Why You Need to Know Them) — Did you know that brokers are legally allowed to put their interests before yours? [Good Financial Cents]

Other Essential reading

Living Well on Less than $10,000 a Year: Habits of Skilled Visa Workers— By sharing a car and an apartment with a few other people, it is possible to significantly reduce your living expenses. [One Cent At A Time]

Freezer-Friendly Meals for Families on the Go — Is your family always on the go? Consider making and freezing some breakfast sandwiches. [Parenting Squad]

Focus on Net Worth Over Income — Having a decent income is important, but be sure to monitor your expenses so you can grow your net worth. [Free Money Finance]

4 Risky Money Mistakes to Avoid — Avoid the risky money mistake of co-signing on a loan. [Quizzle Wire]

How to Lose Weight — To lose weight, remember to gradually push yourself when exercising. [fit hacks]

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