Best Money Tips: Tips for Handling Money Together


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on handling money together, planning a cheap road trip, and making the Paleo diet more affordable.

Top 5 Articles

Teaming Up on Your Finances: 7 Tips for Handling Money Together — Setting goals together is vital when handling money with a significant other. [Girls Just Wanna Have Funds]

How to Plan a Cheap Road Trip — To plan a cheap road trip, travel with a group of people and make a Costco trip. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Think you Can't Affordthe Paleo Diet? Ways to Make it More Affordable — If you want to be on the paleo diet but are concerned about money, make it affordable by buying your meat directly from the farmer. [Beating Broke]

Why Window Shopping Will Actually Make You Happier — Window shopping will make you happier than actually buying something because experiences make us happier than material objects. [PT Money]

Frugal Feature: The Best Ways to Buy a Vintage Wedding Dress — When buying a vintage wedding dress, look at the material to make sure the dress you are considering purchasing is actually vintage. [Frugal Beautiful]

Other Essential Reading

Interesting Ways to Make Money Each Month — Renting out a spare room in your home is an interesting way to make a little extra money each month. [See Debt Run]

Retire in a Foreign Country for a Fraction of What It Costs in the US — Did you know it's over $6,000 cheaper to retire in Ecuador than Las Vegas? [Free Money Finance]

5 Games to Play on Family Game Night — Monopoly or card games are great game options for family game night [Parenting Squad]

Achieve your Dreams Without Losing Your Cool — If you want to achieve your dreams without losing your cool, always take precautions to manage to manage potential risks. [Thirty Six Months]

5 Makeover Tips to Increase Productivity — Increase your productivity by getting a good night's sleep. [Money Saving Enthusiast]

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I really enjoyed the article on how to plan a road trip.

Has anyone tried airbnb? I'm hesitant to try it until I hear some positive experiences.

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YES! I've been looking for blogs about couple's finance. Recently my boyfriend and I started a home business and had started to feel it straining our relationship, mainly the finance aspect. A friend of mine had suggested using a third party accountant like those from to search for an accountant to handle our finances. would you recommend this move? If so, are there other websites/companies you would recommend for accountants? Thanks so much for the insight!