Best Money Tips: Tips for Recent College Graduates


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on tips for recent college graduates, things to think about when getting a raise, and getting rid of your stuff.

Top 5 Articles

Real Life Tips for the Recent College Graduate — Are you a recent college graduate living in a major city? Chances are you won't need a car and can use public transportation instead. [NerdWallet]

3 Things to Think About When Getting a Pay Raise — When you get a raise, remember that it probably means you will have more responsibilities at work. [Generation X Finance]

Get Rid of Your Stuff: Make Money, Declutter Your Life, and Help Others — If you haven't worn a particular item of clothing in the past year, chances are you can let it go. [Free Money Finance]

6 Great Apps for Exploring Your City — Why spend money on flights and hotels when you can have a great time exploring your own city? [My Life Scoop]

Great Resources and Websites for Free and Low-Cost Education — Check out websites such as Skillshare or Khan Academy to learn new things for free or cheap. [American Debt Project]

Other Essential Reading

20 Stores With No Sales Tax — Did you know that and Swim Spot offer no sales tax on purchases? [JoeShopping Blog]

5 Steps to Spring Clean Your Finances — To spring clean your finances, take some time to check your insurance rates. []

6 Ways Adults Can Save Money By Buying Kiddie Stuff — Consider using baby oil as a cheap alternative to expensive makeup remover. [SavvySugar]

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo — Celebrate Cinco de Mayo by eating, drinking, and being festive. [Parenting Squad]

Five Frugal Tips That Go Too Far — You might be taking frugality too far if you are making your own toothpaste, shampoo, or soap. [Narrow Bridge]

3 Steps Toward Living a Life on Purpose — Live your life on purpose by maintaining humility in your pursuits. [Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life]


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