Best Money Tips: Tips That Will Save You Hundreds On Your Next Trip

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on tips that will save you hundreds on your next trip, things you can rent out for extra cash, and things you can get for free.

Top 5 Articles

39 Tips That Will Save You Hundreds On Your Next Trip — To save on your next trip, check out underrated places and buy your tickets at the right time. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Surprising Things You Can Rent Out For Extra Cash — Did you know you can rent your driveway for extra cash? [PureWow]

8 Surprising Things You Can Get for Free — Don't pay for eBooks, you can read books for free by checking them out from your local library. [DailyWorth]

15 Small Purchases Costing You Big Money: Stop Throwing Money Away — If you purchase apps or video games, you may just be throwing away your money. [MainStreet]

Get Free Retirement Advice From Financial Planners On September 25th — Today is Jump-Start Your Retirement Day, so be sure to get retirement advice from Kiplinger and NAPFA. [Kiplinger]

Other Essential Reading

Build a Budget and Make It Last — Make a budget that will last by first calculating what you spend. [AllYou]

Common “Debt Traps” That Keep You Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck — Skimping on insurance can cause you to live paycheck to paycheck. [Lifehacker Two Cents]

7 Bad Décor Shopping Habits to Stop Right Now — When decorating your home, don't purchase everything from the same store. [Domaine Home]

3 Reasons You Should Definitely Keep Your Landline — By keeping your landline, first responders will know where you are calling from in an emergency. [Real Simple]

8 Tips to Help Your Preschooler Focus on Reading, Writing & Numbers — To help your preschooler focus on reading, writing, and numbers, make it fun and be observant. [Parenting Squad]

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