Best Money Tips: Tips to Save on Thanksgiving Dinner


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on tips to save on Thanksgiving dinner, part-time jobs that pay well, and making extra cash for the holidays.

Top 5 Articles

10 Tips to Save on Thanksgiving Dinner — To save money on Thanksgiving dinner, balance your side dishes and desserts. [Money Talks News]

5 Part-Time Jobs that Pay Surprisingly Well — Massage therapists can make almost $35,000 a year. [Bargaineering]

The Holidays Are Here! In Need of a Little Extra Cash? — If you need some extra cash for the holidays, consider being a secret shopper. [Credit Sesame]

5 Simple Steps to Reaching Your Financial Goals — Distinguishing between your primary and secondary goals can make it easier for you to achieve your financial goals overall. [The Motley Fool]

5 Tips for Politely Declining a Holiday Party Invite — If you are invited to a holiday party in person and need some time to think it over, tell whoever invited you that you need some time to check your calendar. [SavvySugar]

Other Essential Reading

How Middle-Aged Job-Seekers Can Make Their Case — Middle-aged job-seekers can make their case with employers by doing their "thank you" note via email. [MainStreet]

Real Estate 101: Managing The Property — When managing a property, if a tenant is late with payment, get in touch with him or her immediately. [Free Money Finance]

Fight Seasonal Stress With a 'Holidate' — Don't let the holidays stress you out too much. Take time to relax with your significant other and forget about everything you need to get done! [MSN Money]

10 Best Values in Private Colleges Under 20k — Pepperdine University and Stanford University are among the best values in private colleges. [Kiplinger]

ProSquad: Writing Readiness, and Is It Too Late to Create a Bedtime Routine? — Before your child starts writing, teach him or her to recognize the letters in his or her name. [Parenting Squad]

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