Best Money Tips: Travel Mistakes to Avoid


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on travel mistakes to avoid, spending $0 on kids clothing, and how to read your social security statement.

Top 5 Articles

Common Travel Mistakes To Avoid — Don't make the travel mistakes of packing too heavy or not carring document backups. [I've Paid For This Twice Already]

How I Spend $0 on Kids Clothes — Donate your kid's old clothes to get a tax deduction, then use the money you save on taxes to get cheap clothes for your kids at yard sales. You can end up breaking even! [My Dollar Plan]

How to Read Your Social Security Statement — Your social security statement can now be accessed online. Be sure to sign up for an account so you can check your statement for accuracy. [Cash Money Life]

Which is the Greener Option - Shopping Online or Shopping at a Store? — Did you know that shopping from home can use up 35% less energy than shopping at a store? [Sustainable Personal Finance]

10 Reasons Your Car Insurance Costs Are Through The Roof — Your driving experience or zip code may be the reason your car insurance costs are through the roof. [The Wisdom Journal]

Other Essential Reading

Ignore the Politicians and Take Control of Your Financial Freedom — Take control of your financial freedom by checking "No" for contributing $3 towards the presidential public financing system on your tax return. [Free Money Finance]

5 Jobs To Satisfy Your Wanderlust — Do you enjoy traveling? If so, consider taking a job in recruiting or sales. [SavvySugar]

Wrong Ways To Work Out At Home — Don't make the mistake of wearing a backpack for added weight during your at home workout routine. The weight will shift around and you could get hurt! [Dollarversity]

Building Self-Reliance in Your Children — To build self-reliance in your children, don't hover when your child tries something new. [The Simple Dollar]

Why Children WIth Autusim Should Have a New Pet — A new pet can be good for children with autism because it helps with their nonverbal communication. [Parenting Squad]

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